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19 February 2010


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I bought a dress from Wallis.Product code 2256062104042 151024006/1099.The dress has it's top section in white and the bottom skirt in black.Since I wanted to get a proper clean I gave it to the Dry Cleaner.They checked all the labels and confirmed that it can be dry cleaned as it had a 'P' sign on the label. The dry cleaner had cleaned the dress with a batch of whites to ensure the top section of the dress is protected, but it came out to be that the black from it's skirt bleed ed to the top white section.I don't have a receipt for this but I so love it and now it's ruined.Why do Wallis have labels attached with signs of 'p' written if they are can not be actually dry cleaner? What would Wallis do about this?

I was reading last weeks Woman's Own mag and saw these pictures of these lovely dresses and they were offering 20% off if i bought online. Great i hardly ever see a dress i like and i saw two so went online Wallis and they were nowhere to be found, i then went into about five Wallis shops around my area and even Marbelarch and was told these were no longer available i was so disappointed but wondered why Woman's Own was still offering discount on stock that was not available, is there anyway i can still purchase any of these dresses? Hopefully Jayne.

I really like the blue paisley top which is worn with the White leggings in the leggings section it is also on the advertisment boards in some of the Wallis outlets. i was very dissapointed when I asked a member of Wallis staff where I could find it.I was told that it would only perhaps e available inlarger stores around the counry and not in Derby. So I have come online and still cannot find it. If someone could point me in the right direction I would be really gratefull.Many thanks Elaine

Dear Jayne,

The 2 dresses published in Woman's Own (issue dated 22 March, page 45) are both available online:

Lime Butterfly Maxi Dress, £60 (it's selling out fast, so not all sizes are available)

Chocolate Pretty Woman Dress, £45 (all sizes are available)

If you wish to order them, please contact us at wallisecommerce@wallis.co.uk so we can organise a 20% discount for you (as the Woman's Own offer has now ended)

Many thanks,

The Wallis Team

Hi, like everyone else, I too have been trying without success to purchase the lime butterfly dress...Can anyone help?
I have purchased three fantastic waterfall maxi dresses but each time have missed any discounts! The problem is that not all stores have the stock so its like a hit and miss thing. Therefore you never know what you have missed until its too late..
well done Wallis for such fantastic ranges!!! (help me get the dress).

can the wallis team advise if the lime butterfly print maxi dress will be back in stock?? Would love to get it for a wedding in september.

Dear Fiona,

The lime butterfly mai dress has been very popular and has now sold out. Unfortunately, ee will not be able to have it back in stock this season.

We currently stock a similar dress in a different colour, the orange butterfly maxi dress, it is one of our best seller:


Many thanks,

The Wallis Team

I saw the orange butterfly maxi dress but they had sold out size 8 and now entirely sold out on the website. I was hoping wallis would produce some more of this dress? It was such a beautiful dress and a shame that it was only an online exclusive- it should have been widely available in stores too. Please please tell me that you will produce more for sale due to popular demand!

Hi Wendy,

We're so sorry you have not been able to order the orange butterfly maxi. Unfortunately, we will not be able to produce more for this summer.

You can check our maxi dress section for alternatives. It includes another butterfly one:


Many thanks,

The Wallis Team

Photos from Cardiff

Web with pictures from Capital of Wales - Cardiff


Those are super cute. I like you on Facebook.

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