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03 December 2010


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The pink and orange dress with clutch which featured in Fabulous magazine on Sunday 20th February is not on the site. When will it be available? Thanks. Michelle

I asked the same question, called the press office at Wallis and was told it may never be made and might have gone to press by mistake!

A very expensive mistake, but I am still waiting for a response to my email



I'm gutted, I loved the look of this dress and have been searching around today to see when it would be available.
A mistake 'they say' is this common in the fashion industry? or am I being overly suspicious

That's really not good enough - shame on you Wallis.

Yes I agree Michelle, Wallis should really be far more careful about what goes to a fashion shoot.
Debbie have you had any response to your email yet?

Hi all, the Wallis orange and pink dress that was featured in Fabulous magazine will be coming in end of May. We unfortunately don't have an official date yet but will post on the blog as soon as it arrives!

I was wondering when that pink and orange dress was coming! Glad to hear it will be in store the end of may! Hope they have plenty of stock!!

Can't you order one?

When will the white with yellow flowers 50's prom dress in the 1923 range be on the website or in store?? I saw it in Tuesday 5th April's edition of New! magazine.

The sleeveless blue denim look tunic with the drawstring waist featured in Best magazine recently, modelled with white jeans and a white long sleeved T shirt. I'm struggling to find it on Wallis website, please could you let me know when it will be available?
Thanks Donna

I'd love to visit Portland and Seattle too.Nice nice nice!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even though I'm on the East Coast now, I used to live in LA and San Francisco and sadly never made my way over there!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all, still no sign of the orange/pink dress. Any update?

Hi All,

The orange and cerise cut out dress is now available online...


There is also a similar style in white...


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